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Those 'Moral Values' Voters

Those 'Moral Values' Voters The Left Coaster There will be many studies in the coming weeks and months about the flood of voters who were led from the

What Do Exit Polls Mean?

We at C&L enjoy reading right wing blogs as well as left. I find some of the arguments and stories interesting and informed as are blogs on the le

What Happened In Ohio

What Happened In OhioGreg PalastNovember 04, 2004Bush won Ohio by 136,483 votes. Typically in the United States, about 3 percent of votes cast are voi

Video Clip Of The Day

Video Clip of the DayThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Blair,Bush, Brokaw and Arafat! VideoThanks for the laughs Jon!

Agreeing With Dick Morris?

THE SMOKING GUN Suburban Guerrilla How fucking strange is this? Dick Morris and I came to the exact same conclusion, but with completely different e

Yes, They Were Lying About Al Qaeda

Yes, they were lying about al Qaqaa Just three days too late for it to do any good, the Los Angeles Times breaks the definitive story on al Qaeda. Not

Close Election

CLOSE ELECTION....The Washington Monthly I'm not trying to minimize the tough electoral road ahead for Democrats, but even so I get awfully annoyed by

Moral Values

Moral Values Falwell sez: Gay Marriage==Slavery:COOPER: But Democrats argue look, John Kerry doesn't support gay marriage. I mean he doesn't want a co

More Fear And Loathing...

Fear and Loathing in Post - Election AmerikkaWell, after snorting 20 mg of Celexa, booting 4 hits of Paxil, ingesting a gram of Prozac and anally supp