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So that's what the kids are calling "retirement" these days Powerline really is the gift that keeps on giving. Today the Rocketman defend one his fav


DOD Web site jokes of Christian crusade against Muslims via : It's a photo of a US tank dubbed the "New Testament" - the name of the tank is written

Daily Kos

I've been using Daily Kos diaries today, First they are good, and second I'm not up to snuff today [media id=13135]-WMP On several occasions h

Quote Of The Day

via PoliticalWire: " I've never read the Bible cover to cover; maybe I should have." -- Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), quoted in this Sunday's New York

Pat Buchanan " Newsweek "Seditious"

On "The McLaughlin Group," Pat Buchanan stated that Newsweek should be tried for sedition for its Periscope article on Koran abuse. He also responded

Howard Dean On Meet The Press

I thought Howard Dean did well today with Tim Russert. As the show went on he got better. [media id=13139]-WMP [media id=13140]-QT Especially

Norm Coleman For President???

via Wanninski: ...Senator Coleman seems to think that as long as the stuff he is getting from the neo-cons is winning him the plaudits of the Wall