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Clouds Over Baquet's L.A. Times

L.A. Observed The New York Times story on the LAT editor change assumes that a troubling period lies ahead—and makes it clear that departing bos

Vote For Chris Bowers

My DD: Now, blogger Chris Bowers has become candidate Chris Bowers. And again it is time to recommend him (for Committeeperson, Ward 27, Division 23 i

LA Times And WaPo On Rove

Raw Story has the latest. Terrible explosions in Egypt: A series of explosions, including at least four car bombs, struck the Red Sea resort of Sharm

How Is The Site Loading?

I took off Statcounter to see if it was in conflict with Sitemeter. Hopefully I'll have a new template in a few weeks and this problem will be solved.

James Wolcott On Al Franken

James Wolcott talks about his latest article in Vanity Fair , the Iraq War and of course the Right Wing "Truth Tour" [media id=13438]-Part 1 MP3

John McCain Waffles On Rove

McCain is thought to be as honest as they come. He doesn't tote the party line. He's an independent thinker and the extreme religious right hates him.

Sci-Fi Friday Alert

Fire Fly is now airing Friday's on the Sci-Fi channel. The stay at home kinda night is now complete.