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DeGuerin Slams FOX News

There must be something to all those rumors about FOX News being pretty slanted to the right after all. Tom Delay's lawyer made this comment while tal


Atrios: "On Hardball Republican guests outnumber Democratic guests. Conservative pundits way outnumber liberal pundits. Republican guests get solo

TDS And Donohue

William Donohue is one of the leaders of the Catholic League and a happy partner with none other than Snappy O'Berine, (They are made for each other)


Glenn Greenwald wraps it up. How many times will some republicans scream and yell against the administration and then fall right back in line when t

Countdown: Beat The Press

Olbermann takes a look at the assault on the press from the White House. [media id=15005]-WMP [media id=15006]-QT Keith: ...the Bush administration

MIkes' Blog Round Up

Save Air America Phoenix-check out the site- check out out Sheldon Drobny's post explaining the situation. Confined Space: Here's a partial list of w

Open Thread

Let's go Ciro...Swing State Project is keeping track of what's going on...

C&L On With Sam Seder

I'm going on the Majority Report at 8:34PM EST Update: That was a lot of fun. I had the chance to do two segments.


Anything that involves Sen. Pat Roberts is damned to be worthless. As georgia10 notes: The Senate Intelligence Committee voted today not to invest

Katherine Harris: On The Run

"Already trying to avoid the media, Longboat Key Republican Katherine Harris is now canceling campaign stops in Southwest Florida as questions swirl