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Audio Of Limbaugh Lying About Us

Here's the lying liar in all his glory. [media id=15521]-MP3 This is what goes out to millions of people a day. The Cowardly Lion, Hugh Hewitt call

Limbaugh Lies...

Arthur: Just a couple of minutes into the program, Limbaugh read an email from a listener, who wondered if "the left will say the soldiers deser

Gore On Countdown

Al Gore joined Keith Olbermann last night to discuss his new movie and if he has any political ambitions in the future. [media id=15519]-WMP [media


"The bodies of two U.S. soldiers reported captured last week have been recovered, and an Iraqi defense ministry official said Tuesday the men wer

Tony Snow

Arianna:"You Can Take the Man Out of Fox News, But You Can't Take the Fox News Out of the Man"

Safavian Guilty

Christy: From left to right, convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, golf organizer Jason Murdoch, former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed, former Bus

Mike's Blog Round Up

BAGnewsNotes: Why Gitmo's Commander Was Disappeared City on a Hill has cesspool Empire Burlesque: Gimme that old time corruption Pan

Joe Klein Makes No Sense

John Cole, who is no liberal makes fun of Klein because he sounds like a right wing, Kool-Aid drinking radio talk show host. Klein: "I was up t

A Cheney Reminder

Meet the Press: 03/16/03 Russert: If your analysis is not correct, and we’re not treated as liberators, but as conquerors, and the Iraqis begin

Glenn Greenwald On Al Franken

Here's Franken's Home Page... [media id=15516]-MP3 Glenn joined Al to talk about his new book, "How Would a Patriot Act?"

Louisiana: The New South Dakota

Louisiana Democratic Gov. Kathleen Blanco signed into law a ban on most abortions, which would be triggered if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns its 19