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Santorum Gets His "Freak On" ABC

Rick Santorum's rants on Hillary, abortion, feminism, and the Boston abuse scandal were on display this morning on This Week. [media id=13373]-WM

Sunday Morning Talk

Let me know if there's anything clip worthy. Feel free to send along any vids. I can't promise what I'll post, but you guys have been amazing so far

Tucker Vs Stewart

No, it's not Crossfire. Carlson's show " The Situation" is moving to a new time slot oposite The Daily Show. Good luck with that move. I still dig R

Scotty's White House Press

Is Iran next? White House Gaggle 7/28 [media id=13375]-QT-( hat tip The Herring Family ) Arthur says: The signs have been increasing for months no

Joe Braun: The Dean Of Corn

Steve Gilliard : "So while you folks were questioning Paul Hackett's military service (publicly verifiable) , your campaign manager is looking for a S

Is She Crazy?

Saturday Funnies We report, you decide! hat tip AmericaBlog [media id=13378]-WMP

Sucker Punch

The Whiskey Bar is open and Billmon shares a couple of drinks with us while discussing why he threw in his fifty bucks for Hackett.

Live Blogging From OH-2

Bob Brigham: The campaign has momentum and is peaking perfectly, but needs more people. We need a few hundred more people and every available Democra

Dean Of Corn

via The General: Joe Braun Campaign Manager, Jean Schmidt for Congress Dear Mr. Braun, The internets are full of rumors about you being one of tho

Power Line: Already Beneath Contempt

Arthur delves deep into the cultural paranoia that emanates from some of the right wing loons. Only Hindrocket and his ilk can take a joke about Judge