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Jon Stewart On David Letterman

Jon appeared with David Thursday night on the Late Show and talked about TDS, the Emmy, father hood, Harriett Miers, blogging, Hurricane Katrina, Tom

Real Time On Harriet Miers

Real Time on Harriet Miers Bill Maher used his New Rules segment to lampoon Harriet Miers nomination. [media id=14067]-WMP low res Bittorrent-WMP Hi

Freeway Blogger: 2K Why?

Freeway Blogger: 2K Why? The Freeway Blogger is on a new mission with a can of paint and some cardboard. Check it out and join in if you can.

Shame On You Repubs-Video

Shame on you Repubs-Video Think Progress: Emotions erupted on the floor of the House of Representatives this afternoon as the right-wing-led Congres

White Sox Beat Boston: Sweep Series

White Sox beat Boston: Sweep Series Congratulations to Chicago for moving on by beating the Red Sox at Fernway 5-3. Randy Johnson is getting rocked

Right-Wing House Twists Arms: Shame!

Right-Wing House Twists Arms: Shame! Brad Blog: Republicans House members DeLay, Barton, Hastert and Blunt held the vote open on a controversial ener

Fun With Little Green Footballs

Fun with Little Green Footballs Charles Johnson said I was laughing at the terrorist threat against NYC. I wonder how Charles was able to see me gi

Open Thread

Be back in a little while...and Jane's hair was very nice.

When Christians Collide

When Christians Collide Keith was on fire last night. Pat Buchanan threw James Dobson under the bus yesterday while discussing his outrage over the H

Alan Colmes Shuts Newt Up

Alan Colmes shuts Newt Up (I got ten emails on this spot) NewsHounds: "With the Bush Administration up to its eyeballs in political hot water, Sean

TDS: Prison Break: Judy Miller

TDS: Prison Break: Judy Miller Stewart and the gang have a grand old time with Judy and Lou Dobbs. [media id=14076]-WMP [media id=14077]-Real Med