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Profanity Kills

(via JC Christian) (KSL News) Police now say an argument caused a 21-year-old man to jump from a moving truck in South Jordan. Tyler Poulson was ridin

Bush With Kilgore

Bush with Kilgore Sunday Funnies (party time?) I was sent this video and received many emails asking C&L to post it. I usually will try to pos

Libby Taking The Fall For Big Time?

Libby taking the fall for Big Time? (With a little Andrea Mitchell video thrown in) The new WaPo article shows that there will be no wiggling out o

Blogs And Campaigns

Blogs and Campaigns Matt Stoller and Matt Margolis joined Abbi Tatton on CNN's " On the Story," and talked about the influence blogs may have in upco

Open Thread

Yeah, but I think that whole sucking the life out of people thing would have been a strain on the relationship.--Xander

Iraq And 9/11 Myths

Iraq and 9/11 myths On Hardball, David Shuster issued a report about the alleged link that the WHIG's spun between Iraq and 9/11. [media id=14219]-W