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Making Excuses for Rove

It's nice to see Republicans weigh in on the side of sanity instead of the knee-jerk WHA's ( White House Apologists and the sound a baby makes when cr

On A Different Note Buffy Blogging

I need a break from politics John Cole posted on this yesterday. Yes I am a Buffy and Angel fan. Own all the seasons on DVD. Joss Whedon is a phenome

Friday Morning Reads

The Carpetbagger Report has the complete transcript of Rove's speech. Kristen Breitweiser posts: Karl Rove's "Understanding of 9/11" Patricia post

Mary Carey On The Daily Show

The Republican Party is all inclusive. The Republican Party is full of ideas. The Republican Party loves Porn Stars. [media id=13252]-WMP Except

Sadly, No!

Wuh? Not that we totally dig There are only so many pictures of dead people and bizarre sex acts you can see before it's like, okay, we'

Andy Card

More On Rove Seeing The Forest White House Chief of Staff comments on Karl Rove saying that the "motive" of liberals is they want American troops to d

Ted Kennedy Asks Rumsfeld To Resign

From Today's hearing: Kennedy: In baseball its three strikes and you're out, what is it for the SOD? [media id=13254]-WMP-(lower compression) Kenn

Rove Lied: A Trip Down Memory Lane

If you don't understand why Karl Rove's remarks are pissing off Democrats, let's look at some more of the remarks: Just a quick trip down the memory h