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What's The Noble Cause Again?

Jeralyn says: With more than 1,800 young American lives lost, does Bush think an Emily Litella "Never Mind" moment will do anything but enrage us and

No Proof Of Atta ID

War and Piece: The successor organization to the 9/11 commission sent this press release around tonight. I am going to post most of it, since it has

Arnold And The 'Masseuse'

Politics in the Zeros From Steve Lopez in the L.A. Times My colleagues Peter Nicholas and Carla Hall report that while Schwarzenegger was running fo

Sunday Morning Talk

Let me know if there's anything clip worthy? Al Rodgers has his usual SMT diary up at Kos.


Carrot Top and Peter Jennings friends? Brian L Gillogly sent me this photo and wrote a story about their on

Mike Gallagher's Book Sales

Fresh off his big Crawford stop, Mike's book soared to # 1: Marching Orders: "This is something you may never see again....a conservative radio host

Crooks And Liars Coffee Mugs

While you wait for my home page to download, have a hot cup of "Smokey Joe" in your very own C&L mug. Click here for the store

Is The Home Page Loading Faster?

I removed some more code, trackbacks and graphics. Let me know. Many thanks to Bob from Polizeros. He's been trying to track down the problems.

Ted Nugent On Hardball

He was on last night, and has turned into a cartoon character. He makes fun of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones while trying to paint himself as thi

 This Article Made Me Laugh

" But not in a "ha ha funny" way,"says DC Media Girl as she takes a look at our favorite Skull and Bones Washington Post reporter's article called : D