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This Week On “Russert Watch”

The Huffington Post : It may be a premature declaration of victory (they are all the rage these days after all), but after today’s “Meet the


Kudos to Queer Action Coalition Janus Online Ex-Gay Watch: A Tennessee-based religious organization euphemistically called “Love in Action”

PR Watch

coa news Mad Cow USA - The Cover-Up Begins to Unravel The US news media has mostly failed to expose mad cow risks in the US. Instead, as with so man

Cephas World

Boycott Kroger! They're pimping right-wing propaganda I was shocked to see in Sunday morning's Atlanta Journal Constitution a full-color ad for Kr

Need A Lawyer?

Check out Phelps-Charted: a full service, client-oriented law firm serving the state of Kansas. The goal of our firm is to provide outstanding, resp

More On Durbin

John Cole has an interesting take on Durbin's remarks. I like Balloon-Juice because he is a republican who carries his own water. He's getting critici

Joe Biden For President

On Face the Nation, Sen. Biden clearly stated that he is running for President in 08" Video-WMP Video-QT Talk Left has more on Joe.

Atrios Says

DOWNING STREET DELUSIONS. via Kevin Drum: The wingnuts are getting desperate. Captain's Quarters, in a nostalgic attempt to recreate the glories of R


Presidential Radio Address "We went to war because we were attacked" -MP3 Think Progress says: Bush Still Propagating Iraq/9-11 Myth President B


ABC ThisWeek: Asked about DSM, Condi dodges legality of Iraq war After being asked to respond to the a quote from the DSM hearing, Condi dodges the

Sunday Morning Talk

Let me know if there is anything clip worthy. Arianna has some questions for McCain on Russert by her readers.