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Churchill Andrew Sullivan finds this quote by Churchill on November 21, 1943 while discussing the Hamden case and the President's role in it: "The

Antiwar Sermon Brings IRS Warning

This hypocrisy is frightening, dangerous and once again exposes the fallacy of this faith-based presidency. It's fine for preachers to campaign for Ge


HomoMeter TDS had a funny bit last week. A year after the legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts, Ed Helms investigates to find out if the cri

The ID Advocates...

Arthur: Well, I didn't say it, not this time. But as I did point out just yesterday, ID proponents are not only liars: they're particularly bad ones..

West Wing Debate Episode

Did anyone see the debate episode Sunday night? They did two live broadcasts, one for the east coast and one out west between two very fine actors. I'

Paul Hackett Out In Front

Click here for results so far. Hackett 45.2% (44.2) DeWine 35.3% (35.9) As a bonus, Santorum trails Casey by almost ten points. (Hat tip from the bl

Dic Morris Redux

Dick Morris Hooker redux During the Michelangelo Signorile show, back on November 6, 2003, a caller asked Dick Morris about his hooker habits and he

Voter Suppression In Seattle

Voter Suppression in Seattle The Stranger: Blatant voter suppression tactics in Seattle. Republicans have challenged, "under penalty of perjury,