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Wolfowitz's Lament!

Wolfowitz's Lament! More Than 100 Journalists Killed This Year By PAUL AMES, Associated Press Writer BRUSSELS, Belgium - More than 100 journalists hav

Woe To Hypocrites

WOE TO YOU, YOU HYPOCRITES Suburban Guerrilla I love Charles Pierce: MSNBC presented me with a panel discussion on moral values the other night that w

Ashcroft At It Again!

Ashcroft at it again!Ashcroft Condemns Judges Who Question Bush Didn't he leave yet?I know it's hard to admit Johnnie boy, but we do have a constituti

Rumsfeld And The Powell Doctrine

Rumsfeld and the Powell Doctrine!USATODAYFri Nov 12, 6:23 AM ETBy John Diamond, Steve Komarow and Tom Squitieri, USA TODAY excerpt:Rumsfeld's plan The

Two Sides To Every Coin

Nutty, Nutty from The PoormanThere are two sides to every coins. There is yin; there is yang. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

Exit, Stage Right

Exit, Stage Right GOP Wants to End Exit Polls RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie wants to eliminate exit polls because he says they're not accurate, implying t