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Richard Wolffe: Rummy May Still Go

On Countdown tonight, Wolffe said Zarqawi's demise could give the White House the opportunity people want to dump him [media id=15460]-WMP [media id

Byron York Misquotes Ezra

Even when he sits right next to you, York can't get it right. Is anyone surprised? I'm not sure if I'm going to Yearly Kos now. My health problem rea

Rep. Jerry Lewis Under Fire

Georgia10 reminds me: MSNBC: "You may not have heard of him, but Rep. Jerry Lewis, R-Calif., is one of the most powerful members of Congress, c

Neil Young CD Giveaway

I received 9 copies of Neil Young's new album "Living With War," to give away to C&L readers. Instead of doing a contest, I'm just goin

Estate Tax Repeal Fails

So the wealthiest of the wealthy fail to capitalize on this administration's penchant to constantly kowtow to them. As Atrios says: "A rare mome

What Ashcroft Knew

Murray Waas breaks another explosive story: Then-Attorney General John Ashcroft continued to oversee the Valerie Plame-CIA leak probe for more than t

Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi Killed

"Al Qaeda's leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was killed in an American air strike on an isolated safe house north of Baghdad at 6.15 p.m. lo

Mike's Blog Round Up

(sorry the C&L was down for a while) A LIBERAL DOSE: Iraqi PM--"Al Zarqawi killed; hope for GOP campaign" Fafblog! after the end of the

Open Thread

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