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John Negroponte On MTP

Negroponte was evasive as ever as he deflected questions from Tim Russert. Video When asked how many troops were trained; Negroponte said they had

Late Edition-Social Security Debate

On Late Edition, Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich and Former presidential candidate, President and CEO Forbes Inc. Steve Forbes debated about the s


The meaning of SpongeBob via Ornicus ....It's hard to say exactly which organization he's talking about. If you go over to the We Are Family Foundat

C&L Quiz

How many times will the Republican noise machine use the term "tyranny" in the next few weeks?

Newt Gingrich Speech Opposed!

Too bad FNC doesn't feel the same. Event Would Violate School Policy, Some Students Contend By Paul Schwartzman Washington Post Staff Writer Newt Gin

More On Dobson

via Atrios Erect Purple Frog Radical Cleric SpongeDob Stickypants links to a children's website which prominently features an erect purple frog. T

Stupid Quote Of The Day

Robert the "Crypt Keeper" Novak complained today on Crossfire about the democrats holding up Condi Rice's nomination; blaming Sen.Robert Byrd: "...

Ahmad Chalabi

DUBAI (Reuters) Iraq 's interim defense minister said on Friday the government would arrest Iraqi National Congress (INC) leader Ahmad Chalabi after

Freedom And Liberty Bush Counter

Click here to download or play WMP Here is the text for the entire speech. Tom Shales from the Wapo gives us his thoughts. ALESSANDRA STANLEY f

More On Armstrong Williams

via Atrios Go have a bit of fun seeing people smack Tim Graham around over his ridiculous complaining about the media coverage of the Armstrong Will