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Was Miers A Registered Democrat?

During Scotty's press briefing a reporter asked: Q: Do you have any information that she was a registered democrat? A: I don't know what her affilia

Andy Rooney On The War Machine

Andy Rooney on the War Machine Andy took on the military spending issue on his 60 minutes spot last night. [media id=14106]-WMP Bittorrent-WMP [m

When It Rains It Pours

A DOCUMENT linking Margaret Thatcher to a US corruption probe is so explosive civil servants have been asked to ensure it remains "sealed". The 79-yea

SNL: Funhouse With Judge Roberts

SNL: Funhouse with Judge Roberts Demo sent me the video from SNL last night. It's a parody on Judge Roberts' reluctance to answer any questions regar

Evolve TV

Check it out: PZ Myers and Duncan Black discuss evolution and creationism.

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up Early Warning: Simply the best reporting on National and Homeland security matters out there. Go look and read his recent posts.