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The List: That Did Not Sign

Lamar Alexander Robert Bennett Christopher Bond Jim Bunning Conrad Burns Saxby Chambliss Thad Cochran Kent Conrad-(Democrat) John Cornyn Michael Crapo

Quote Of The Day

"Should any political party attempt to abolish Social Security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear

Imus Blasts Tucker Carlson

Since my earlier post, everybody is asking for this clip. [media id=13289]-WMP [media id=13290]-QT I started out writing about Rachel Maddow.

Shucking And Jiving And Hiding!

via AmericaBlog: I just heard this on ABC News. They're apparently holding the vote late tonight so they won't have to have a real roll-call vote (i.e

Jackson Verdict Not Guilty

I've stayed away from it for the most part. I guess the White House will be happy. It'll keep the 24/7 occupied for another few days and nobody will


CNN: Gitmo torture claims refuted with chicken dish Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) refutes claims of torture at Guantánamo Bay while displaying vari

Nancy Grace Takes Us To Hell

(June 8th transcript-thanks to The Rude One-for the heads up) Talking about the Aruba case: GRACE: You know, Debra Opri, I have been assigned several

Protest Warriors

If you want to read a funny thread, go to this PW forum. Someone posted the video I have of Rosie and Hannity. They are debating the merits of the deb

Rachel Maddow

...will be teamed with Jay Severin on Tucker Carlson's new show called " The Situation" I like Rachel. It's good news that an Air America personality