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Harry Reid: Fire Rove

Harry Reid: Rove should be gone Harry Reid was on This Week, and said: Reid: Here is a man who the president said if he was involved, if anyone in t

Myths Of New Orleans

Myths of New Orleans Arthur brings to light an important talking point regarding NOLA: Poor, Bad Blacks -- Who Got What They Deserved. It's a long r

Football Sunday Open Thread

I'm watching the NY Giants against the Washington Redskins. Condolences to Wellington Mara's family as the 89 year old owner passed away.

Is Malkin A Journalist?

Is Malkin a Journalist? Atrios links to David Neiwert's post on Michelle. Since David worked with Michelle in the past, he can shed some real light

The Brit Hume Hosedown

The Brit Hume Hose-down Sunday Funnies Juan Williams should know better than to go after the Bush administration on Brit Hume's watch. Think Progre

Harriet Miers Speaks

Harriet Miers Speaks SNL did a funny little skit about the Harriet Miers nomination being sandbagged because of a little "qualification" problem. [

Mike's Blog Round Up

Booman Tribune: The indictment of “Scooter” Libby, ONLY Scooter Libby, and ONLY on investigation- related charges (perjury, obstruction of j


Time for the Vice President to Explain Himself Kristof:..."Since Mr. Libby is joined at the hip to Mr. Cheney, it's reasonable to ask: What did Mr. C

Fineman On Scooter

Brian sent me this video of Howard making a some very solid points about I. Libby. [media id=13900]-WMP [media id=13901]-QT Scooty knew exactly t

Helen Thomas On Real Time

Helen Thomas on Real Time Bill Maher has constantly praised Helen Thomas and her often pointed questions to the White House. He finally had her on th

Trent Lott

Trent Lott's big white tent On TDS, Stewart found Trent Lott saying the kind of idiotic statements that got him in trouble in the past. [media id=1

Sullivan's Email: Cheney

Andrew Sullivan gets an interesting email about the The Fitz conference that I agree with:" This story is just beginning. Ultimately, it's about Chene