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Daily Kos:All Hands On Deck

Daily Kos was featured on MSNBC's Connected today as they talked about the filibuster showdown. [media id=13128]-WMP [media id=13129]-QT The Diary

Filibuster Fight

The Senate will be going around the clock. I need a little help. I can't watch all of it (especially with 24's seasom finale lol) so if anybody sees o

The American Street

Here my latest post for the American Street. Its a little "snarky" tidbit about a new blog magazine.

Wave Of Attacks In Iraq

Insurgents detonated five car bombs Monday around Iraq, targeting police, a political figure and mosque worshippers, killing at least 42 people and wo

Blames Cancer!

MSNBC: Gay Republican Mayor West is sorry. [media id=13130]-WMP He exercised poor judgement.

For Your Listening Pleasure

Here's a very short pieces that I played Alto Flute on. I think they were used in a Japanese anime film. The Alto flute has a much deeper tone than a

Monday Blog Look

Talk Left : High Court to Hear Abortion Case : The Supreme Court agreed only to hear one case today. It involves parental notification rights in abort

Website Suggestions

How do people people feel about "embedded" video players? I know other sites are using them. They might give the site a more polished look ( I never w

SNL "Divertor" Fun House Skit

Robert Smigel brings to light what we already have figured out. While important issues are hitting our country like the economy, deficits, etc... The