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Dobson's Brigade Responds

The flood of notes contained words like "gutless," "ridiculous" and "outraged." We thought you might enjoy sharing in some of those comments: "I im


WHY TOM RIDGE IS UNFIT FOR PUBLIC OFFICE From Sunday's very long Washinton Post article on Homeland Security insecurity, which features among other

The Theocrats Doing Their Part

The pastor of a small Baptist church has refused calls to take down a sign posted in front of his church reading "The Koran needs to be flushed," sayi

Matthews Meter

Hardball May 24, 2005 Matthews: But isn‘t this a defeat of the leaders? I mean, you had Harry Reid working in league with the People for the Am

The Moderate Voice

Has a monster round up too, of some different voices weighing in on the filibuster deal.

I'm Back...

Well that was wild. I need to get some more coffee. They had a few problems switching back and forth with the cameras because of all the breaking news