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Urgent Alert By Focus On The Family

Call Right Now to Prevent Backroom Deal on Judicial Filibusters Word out of Washington, D.C., in the last hour is that a "compromise" deal is close

Destination Christian Nation

The Revealer Jeff Sharlet: Spent the morning in an interview with Matthew Wells, a BBC radio reporter who's been working the evangelical politics beat

As Of This Moment...

C&L has passed Hugh Hewitt in the Site Meter Stats. 15) 27,124 visits/day 16) 25984 visits/day Many of you k

Kennth Tomlinson's PBS

Tomlinson's contention -- liberalism is too prominent on public TV, radio news and talk programs while conservative ideas are marginalized... A 2003

Sen. Lautenberg And Star Wars

A large picture of a certain Star Wars villain, who, if you’ve seen the movies, circumvented the democratic process to seize and abuse power.

Quote Of The Day

via GreatScat: Bush: "And that's why I'm talking about Social Security. And the debate has only just begun. (Applause.) But I believe the side of re