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Let's Scare The Kids Shall We?

Let's scare the kids shall we? In a turn to keep the fear factor alive, Homeland security is now targeting our children.I mean I know the kids must be

CIA Shakeup

CIA ShakeupDavid Kaplan and Kevin Whitelaw have more pieces of the puzzle, and provide some intriguing insights about the odd departure of super-spy S

Video Clip O' Humor

Video Clip O' HumorWinning bid for the Virgin Mary Cheese sandwich is:28,000.00 dollars.What was that saying? Oh yea.."there's a sucker born every min

Bill Moyers On Condi Rice

Bill Moyers on Condi RiceThis is a feature on her appointment as Secretary of State. VideoIt points out her failures as NSA and her testimony to the 9

Blogging Flight Attendant Fired!

Blogging Flight Attendant Fired!Ellen Simonetti has been fired from her job at Delta Airlines for posting pictures of herself in uniform! The pictures

Kevin Sites Speaks Out

Kevin Sites speaks out! The journalist who took the video footage of the marine shooting!"Aside from breathing, I did not observe any movement at all.