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Rove confirmed Plame as CIA to Novak too Here's the article, now read John's analysis. ..."that Rove also confirmed to Novak that he'd heard Plame w

 Rehnquist Not Retiring

Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, denying rumors of his retirement, said Thursday he will continue heading the court as long his health permits. "I'

Way To Go General!

Protest Warriors get hacked via Amanda: The group has also been infiltrated by imposters. Responding to an e-mail soliciting new operations for the Sp

"Just Us" Sunday-II

That's right, they're back. Check out their start-studded panel of religious zealots. Will Bill Frist's head loom over the crowd as he announces


Alexa: He's really waiting for quite a large number of people to come up-me being one of them-and smack him and walk away....'re going t

Quote Of The Day

"I think he should resign," said Jim Holt, a GOP state senator from Arkansas who is running for lieutenant governor. He joked, "I hope Karl Rove doesn

Smearing Patriots

Smearing Patriots Altercation There aren't enough hours in the day to keep up with all the theories and counter-theories, plus the spin and propaga

How To Measure Military Victory

How We'll Know Rain Storm Since Donald Rumsfeld has never been able to come up with a way to measure whether or not we are winning the global war o


Senator Schumer/Joe Wilson press conference (Hat Tip-David sent this video over) [media id=13491]-WMP Apparently Rush Limbaugh is losing it over R