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Kerry and Clinton say "Fire Rove" at Press Conf. Kerry makes an excellent statement about how Rove's leak relates to national security. ( David) [m

When Wingnuts Collide

Capitol Buzz has the scoop on Mayor Menino and Governor Romney are lashing out at Rick Santorum for saying that Boston is to blame for the Catholic pr

Idiot Quote Of The Day

Power Line: "The media feeding frenzy will, indeed, be massive. But absent a serious claim of a statutory violation or perjury, it's questionable whe

Terror In London

The Daily Show is back and wonderful as ever. The topics were of course 24/7, London and the Supreme Court. [media id=13509]-WMP [media id=13510]

Zell Miller

via AmericaBlog: Zell Miller stole taxpayer money :" Georgia political analyst Bill Shipp reports that former Sen. Zell Miller - the guy who piously b

Scotty's Greatest Hits-Plame

Countdown put this piece together, which includes some of the familiar players in the Plame Game [media id=13511]-WMP QT later Then go read Arthu

Still Covering For Dick

Digby goes over the case only the way he can. David Corn writes:Why Bush Has To Fire Rove Catch finds the White House website not hosting today'

Michael Isikoff On Karl Rove

via emailer Annita: On CNN, He talks about Rove and also brings up the question of where Rove learned that Plame was a CIA operative. He talks about t

Give Em' Hell Harry

“I agree with the President when he said he expects the people who work for him to adhere to the highest standards of conduct. The White House pr

Drudge Has A Thing About T-Shirts

What is it with some right wing sites and their facination with t-shirts? Michelle Malkin, Power Line, even LGF. They are making a big deal about this