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More Theocracy On Stem Cell

President Bush said on Friday he would veto legislation that would loosen restrictions on embryonic stem cell research and expressed concern about hum

Bush's Road Tour

Wa Po:...On the 78th day of a 60-day roadshow, the president's nationwide Social Security tour, even to some of his own aides, has the feel of a past-

 Bush Promises Probe...

...into Saddam underwear pictures. Will he call in the South Park Conservatives to lead the way? They obviously should be the first choice. After all

Urgent Alert By Focus On The Family

Call Right Now to Prevent Backroom Deal on Judicial Filibusters Word out of Washington, D.C., in the last hour is that a "compromise" deal is close

Destination Christian Nation

The Revealer Jeff Sharlet: Spent the morning in an interview with Matthew Wells, a BBC radio reporter who's been working the evangelical politics beat

As Of This Moment...

C&L has passed Hugh Hewitt in the Site Meter Stats. 15) 27,124 visits/day 16) 25984 visits/day Many of you k

Kennth Tomlinson's PBS

Tomlinson's contention -- liberalism is too prominent on public TV, radio news and talk programs while conservative ideas are marginalized... A 2003

Sen. Lautenberg And Star Wars

A large picture of a certain Star Wars villain, who, if you’ve seen the movies, circumvented the democratic process to seize and abuse power.