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Write Your Own Caption

Write Your Own Caption (SSQ, I took it from your site and can't find it. Email me again and when I get back from the doctor- I'll link to your site.)

Mike Blog's Round Up

How is this format for MBR working out? Are you clicking through? Banned Books Week...Along with torturing POWs, imprisoning citizens indefinitely wi

Breaking News Out Of Florida.

Talking Points Memo: Two men, Anthony Ferrari and Anthony Moscatiello, arrested in the gangland killing of erstwhile Abramoff business partner Gus Bo

Chris Matthews Vs Peter King: No Bid

Chris Matthews vs Peter King: No Bid TV Newser: On MSNBC's Hardball yesterday, Republican Congressman Peter King said Chris Matthews was "distorting

Rita's Digest

Rita's Digest TDS always has a good time taking apart the media so Monday night Jon took a look at the media covering the hurricane. [media id=1372

Michael Brown Testifies

I'll have video in a little bit, but FEMA Brown is taking a few questions... "My biggest mistake was not recognizing by Saturday that Louisiana was d

Next Supreme Court Pick

Talk left has some possible picks that the President might announce Friday. To be honest-it would be interesting if he did nominate Janice Rogers Brow

Brownie Is Back

Brownie is Back I've been told that Michael Brown has been rehired by FEMA as a consultant to evaluate it's response following Hurricane Katrina via

VIDEO-Cindy Arrested

VIDEO-Cindy Arrested This is a short clip. Thanks to David for the vid. [media id=13727]-WMP [media id=13728]-QT

They See Maps Don't They?

Nico over at Think Progress wrote this post before I could: Protest Turnout: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Lie "To judge the size of a demonstrat