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Is This Arafat's Legacy?

Is this Arafat's legacy? I took a taxi cab ride in Philadelphia around 1999. I asked the driver to take me to get a cheese steak sandwich (of course)

Thoughts On Alberto Gonzales

Thoughts on Alberto Gonzales TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime I just received this from a former very high-ranking official of the Justice Department (

How Low Can You Go?

How low can you go!Companies Sue Union RetireesTo Cut Promised Health BenefitsFirms Claim Right to ChangeCoverage, Attempt to PickSympathetic Jurisdic

Video Clip O' Humor

Video Clip o Humor The Daily Show on "Mess O-Potamia-the assault on Falluja!" Video

Watch What You Say

Watch What You SayVia Avedon Carol, here's a creepy story of a blogger who got turned into the FBI by a reader and was visited by the Secret Service.