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For information about Americans who may have been affected by the bombings in London, call (888) 407-4747. Friends and relatives worried about loved o

George Galloway:

Bombings price of Iraq The Respect MP, whose Bethnal Green and Bow constituency includes the site of at least one of the bomb attacks, said the atta

Terrorist Attack On London

The Today Show covered the blasts this morning. [media id=13533]-WMP [media id=13534] QT coming Islamic group claims London attack, possible mo

Paul Harvey

Nuke Saudi Arabia I've been meaning to post this since June 23rd...Mr. Harvey - who is famous for his corny stories and homespun manner -has always

Terrorist Attack In London

via Avedon: We seem to be under terrorist attack at the moment here in London, with explosions on both the Underground and on London buses. Authoritie

Judy's New Digs

Alexandria Detention Center A New Generation Jail Taking a look at the prison facility that Judith Miller is being sent to and reading the New Gener


Fight of the Chickenhawk is the latest to join this most holy of all projects: "A coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave just one" Let us take up

Karl Rove...a Little Bit More

Arianna thinks: " According to the players, the key to whether this story has real legs -- and whether it will spell the end of Rove -- is determining

Is This Part Of The Patriot Act?

The California National Guard is being investigated after being accused of spying on some state residents and destroying documents that may prove the

Judy Going To The Pokey

A federal judge on Wednesday jailed New York Times reporter Judith Miller for refusing to divulge her source to a grand jury investigating the Bush ad