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Real Time Highlights

Bill Maher: Dirty Election, Gay GOP, UK Memo, Iraq, 5/11 & more... [media id=13164]-WMV It's a pretty big file. (Hat tip David)

Dating The Christian Way

Jesse has his thoughts called: How to date in One Easy Step While Sadly, No! digs a little deeper into the text:...Sadly, No!" Licks the Plate!

Is Randall Terry Far Behind?

The Washington Post gave an op-ed to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council: It Is About Religious Belief. He proves the case that his world is t


Sex slaves are classy The Next Left ... or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Tom DeLay. Is it just me or is sex slavery classy? Taking young w


QALAT, Afghanistan, May 13 -- Angry mobs ransacked government offices and relief agencies and clashed with police in several provinces Friday in a fou

Good Times At The Gas Pump

Outsourced America Nice. Real nice... love it: gas is $2:40+ here in La La Land and we get this sort of stuff: OIL INDUSTRY COFFERS SWELLING WITH C

Ron Brownstein:

Bush's Satisfaction Living with Achingly Narrow Margins of Success Steve Clemons Ron Brownstein's survey of Thursday's Bolton drama is very lucid and

How Close Was Another Nader-Screwed Presidential Election? Yellow Dog BlogThere is a tendency to dismiss Ralph Nader's involvement in the 2004 preside

Original Song

Here's a song that was used for a pilot of a TV series based on the movie Seabiscuit The series didn't get picked up, so I'm allowed to post it. It

I'm Trying To Find...

...songs that have been writen by Kimberly Fletcher of HFA the article says that she is an accomplished a songwriter.