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Washington Times Attacks Harry Reid

via Daily Kos: Reid under attack Kos has the entire senario on display. They remind me of the NY Post. Whenever one of their own is in trouble, you

Class Act via BlondeSense Last night during the DeLay support, whatever the hell it was, DeLay said the Democrats have no ideas, no leadership, and n

FireFox Is Fixed

Sploid says: Users of the popular non-Microsoft browser should head over to the Firefox site and download the fixes.


Byrd Schools Frist on the Constitution Today on the Senate floor Sen. Byrd asked Frist about his claim: SEN. BYRD: I ask the Senator from Tennessee,

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come Empire BurlesqueOh yes, he's running: Jeb Bush Strikes Moral Tone at Georgia Convention. And oh yes, he's a despicable hypocrite: DC


Lawyers, Guns and Money I'm not the sort that reads Powerline with any regularity, but this caught my attention: It's great to see someone stand


Enough Already Blogenlust Avedon and Digby are involved in an interesting discussion about the "freakish confidence" recently exhibited by Republican