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Tim Russert Sucks Up To Karl Rove

Could Tim Russert suck up to Karl Rove anymore than he did on MTP Sunday? He sure hit him with an actual population map of the USA. That was really na

Bill Maher New Rules

Bill Maher with his final "New Rules!"Many people have emailed, asking us to show a lot of Maher this week because it was the season finale. Video

Assault To Retake Fallujah Begins

Assault to retake Fallujah begins U.S. military says airstrikes will continueMSNBC staff and news service reportsUpdated: 10:28 p.m. ET Nov. 7, 2004U.

Votergate Is Here!

Votergate is here!Votergate has been hacked! I found a version here: VideoWho knows how long they will be up and running. We weren't that interested

Rehnquist's Clever Boost For Bush

From AMericablog via NewsmaxRehnquist's Clever Boost for BushWhen Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist announced in late October that he had

We're All Keynesians Now

We're All Keynesians Now The WaPo has an article about the sliding dollar. Here's the basics: The dollar continued its decline in global currency mark

Religion And The Voters!

Religion and the voters!For those in the media and elsewhere that are trying to downplay the religious vote, I have a little story.I called a customer

Video Clip Of The Day: Bill Maher

Video Clip of the Day/Bill Maher VideoBill: They sent the Bush voters onto the booth to vote against gay marriage, and while they were there, you come