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Microsoft Backs Down

Associated Press : After being criticized for quietly dropping support for a state gay rights bill, Microsoft Corp. chief executive Steve Ballmer told

Calling Dave's Bluff

Canadian Cynic Having, over the course of the last few months, documented the sleazy, pathological dishonesty of David Horowitz and his little leprec

Democrats Not Wanted

Olbermann did his segment on the insane East Waynesville Baptist church. Former members say Pastor Chan Chandler gave them the ultimatum, saying if th

Ann Coulter: She Really Speaks Out

She was on a roll on Scarborough Country last night. [media id=13187]-WMP Coulter: What were my other wacky and controversial positions? ---------

57% Just Say No To War

Recovering Liberal The numbers are in and it does not look to good for Dubya and the Neo-Cons. According to a CNN/USAToday/Gallup poll released Tues

Whatever Already!

RIP, Baron Edward Von Kloberg III, 1942-2005 Edward Von Kloberg is dead. The former public relations man to Saddam Hussein and Mobutu Sese Seko, while

The Swift Report

Paula Abdul Voicemails Not Linked to Terrorism, Feds Say Federal agents reportedly recorded the messages that American Idol judge Paula Abdul left f

Who Is Persecuting Who?

The Slacktivist has the answer (excerpt-please read the whole artice) In many times and in many places, Christians have faced persecution because of

Joe Scarborough Does It Again

Middle America Joe criticized Arnold for saying words that a phony impersonater from the Howard Stern Show used. As a result, MSNBC tells us that Sca