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Merry Fitzmas Everyone!

Merry Fitzmas Everyone! Here's a little video to the song "Let it Snow" to brighten up your day. [media id=13930]-QT only

ABC Bitch Slaps Drudge

Jeffrey Schneider, Vice President of Communications for ABC News, denied a claim from the conservative Drudge Report that any reporter had called the

Paul Wellstone Remembered

Three years ago today Paul and Sheila Wellstone's plane plunged into a swampy scrub woods in Northern Minnesota. He was polling even with Coleman when


I honor your brave sacrifice. I pray that the rest of our troops will come home soon. The Harris Poll shows that (53%) of adults feel that military ac

I'm Going To The El Cid Tonight

I'll be there at around 8:00PM to see a friend's band. If anyone wants to meet, I'll have on a C&L shirt with some sort of a jacket. I'll being

Tomorrow Is The Day?

Tomorrow is the day? I just got off of the phone with someone who was cancelled by CNN for tomorrow. Steve Clemons writes: Indictments Coming Tomor

Commenting Policy

Jeralyn at Talk Left helped me put together a commenting policy. It will remain on the left hand column. I hope this helps clear up any questions you

Tenet Denies Telling Cheney

David Shuster reported this morning on MSNBC that George J. Tenet said he didn't tell the Vice President or the VP's office about Wilson nor was he as

Questions For Paul Hackett

I have an interview scheduled with Paul sometime this week. Please use this thread to ask legitimate questions so I can incorporate them into the spot

Rosa Parks

Try to imagine yourself as Rosa Parks did when she left work that day in 1955. Exhausted from working long hours in the department store, she looked t

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Moderate Voice - New Concrete Signs That Miers Nomination Is Doomed? Of Cabbages and Kings: On how you explain to Europeans why we are still argu

Al Roker Blown Over

Al Roker blown over Tuesday morning funnies. Al did a "Shep Smith" and took on the winds of Wilma. [media id=13932]-WMP [media id=13933]-QT