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Arnold Not Happy With Bush

The Republican governor said he was too busy before the Nov. 8 vote to meet with the president during Bush's two-day stop in Southern California on Th

Delay's Lawyer: Attacking The Judge

I guess only republican judges can sit on the bench for republicans. is a criminal organization because they sell all those evil

Mike's Blog Round Up

Niger Uranium Forgery Mystery Solved? Bring It On poses a question. South Dakota newspaper, the Rapid City Journal has a slammin' blog where both th

Paul Hackett

Steve Gilliard nails it... "Brown is an ordinary candidate who's yellow streak has already shown itself. I mean, he could have run before Hackett said

Open Thread

Made it Ma! Top of the world--James Cagney-White Heat

Judy Misled The Grand Jury

Judy misled the Grand Jury Maury Waas has more on Judy's testimony.... Miller was asked about the June Meeting with Libby during her first grand jur

Al Franken's New Book

Al Franken's New Book The Truth (with jokes) is Al's newest. Check out a free video on Amazon's website for a preview. Video here

What About Social Security?

Ezra Klein: ... "Indeed, as Matt smartly points out, now that the privatization plan is dead, all those pundits and politicians who spent early 2005 s

Katie: Intelligence Please

Katie to O'Reilly: Intelligence Please Katie Couric from The Today Show interview Bill O'Reilly this morning and as he opined about his possible reti