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A DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN Notes: This Tuesday, October 25th at the El Cid in Silverlake, "Year Long Disaster" will take the stage at around 8:30 p

David Gergen Defends Cheney Story

David Gergen defends Cheney Story David Gergen defended himself on Reliable Sources today when Ron Brownstein opined that journalists are being irres

Dean On CIA Leak

Jarvis on Reliable Sources Reliable Sources about the Miers nomination. JEFF JARVIS: ...Well, no, you know, if this weren't so profoundly important,

Russert: What Do You Know?

Russert: What do you know? AmericaBlog: "He has that way of acting very dramatic, building up to a question by showing a quote. Today, he showed film

SNL Spoofs The Teleconference

SNL spoofs the Teleconference The gang lampoons the troop photo-op and Brit Hume from Fox News by having President Bush put on another, unscripted ge

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up Night Bird's Fountain: Are blogging soldiers being forced to recant statements that could have been construed as anti-war, anti-