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Mary Carey Loves Republicans

They love her too! Video-WMP Video-QT She was on with Keith Olbermann and described her night out with George Bush and the the National Republi

The Bush Oil Co., Er, Administration

The Bush Oil Co., er, Administration great scat! A former disgraced official at the White House Council on Environmental Quality who resigned days af

Pope Republicanus L  

the revealer Ann Rodgers, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's smart religion reporter, wrote yesterday that Pope Benedict XVI is proving less conservative

O'Reilly Goes Wacko On Franken

emailer Mary: I hardly ever watch Bill O'Reilly (he makes me crazy) but man did he go postal on NYTimes, Al Franken and Air America in the first few m

Downing Street Memo T-Shirts

Go over to AmericaBlog and check them out. As John says: Help spread the word about the Downing Street Memo and help AMERICAblog at the same time. Y


CNN Inside Politics interviews John Conyers about DSM Forum Rep. John Conyers gives an excellent interview. CNN provides some of it's more balanced


IRAN-TV reports on closing Gitmo debate and the Chicken Dinners Here is a view of the Republicans and Guantanamo Bay from, Iran, a member of the "Ax

Bin Ladin Alive And Well?

Osama bin Laden is alive and in good health, as is fugitive Taliban chief Mullah Mohammed Omar, a purported senior commander of the ousted Afghan reli

Tsunami Scare

Last night word came down that a Tsunami might hit Cailfornia. I've been through two earthquakes and a hurricane already, so when I heard the news las


Jim West: Petition to remove unethical mayor [media id=13280]-WMP

Arianna Huffington On Ed Klein

Ed Klein Rapes the National Discourse: God knows I’ve had plenty of disagreements with Hillary -- especially on Iraq. But what Klein is doing is