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Katrina May Have Killed 80 in Miss. County Rescuers in boats and helicopters searched for survivors of Hurricane Katrina and brought victims, wet and

Project Copper Green/Alberto

Larisa: "For several years now, the ACLU has been fighting to have released the documents, photographs and videos, of detainee abuse under our misguid

Russert And The Plame Game

Digby has a cool piece about Timmy. He takes apart Russert's own panel and finds a few problems with his answers regarding what he knew and when he kn

Countering Coulter

Joe Gandelman expands on my Ann Coulter piece and adds some unique insights of his own.

Gas Tax vs. Cafe Standards Ezra Klein looks at the two and has some sound reasoning behind his choice. Guess which one he favors.

Wolf Blitzer

During The Situation Room, CNN showed a brief clip of President Bush reminding people that this is a terrible Hurricane. After the clip finished, Wolf

CNN Weatherman Freaks

Hurricane Katrina is certainly causing a lot of crazy TV. He screams: "Let me talk Carol!" Chad then throws his "papers" down. I think he needs a


From The Arizona Daily Star: " ...Finally, we've decided that syndicated columnist Ann Coulter has worn out her welcome. Many readers find her shril