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You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?--Dirty Harry

Joke Of The Day

Judy Miller: "I know how important it is for the paper to protect its reputation, but I have my reputation to protect also."

Al Franken With David Letterman

Al Franken with David Letterman Al joined Letterman Friday night to promote his book and talk a little politics. [media id=13949]-WMP low res Bitto

Ridiculous Book Of The Year

Ridiculous Book of the Year Saturday Funnies You would think John"Five in the noggin" Gibson, a man who wished that Karl Rove received a medal for o

The Nazi Twins

The Nazi Twins There is a lot of insane stuff in this story. The fact that they have a lot of fans is one of them. "White nationalists" is another si

Dowd Comes Out Swinging On Judy

We've been all waiting for an op-ed to come out about Judy from the NY Times. Maureen Dowd is the first to answer the call. Gilliard has some analysi

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up The "Rule of Law" crowd has changed their tune. Sticky Issues has the pictures and The Cognoscenti expands on their breathtaking

How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

Jeralyn found this at another site. It seems that C&L is worth: Crooks and Liars: $2,611,562.04 Let the bidding wars begin.

Open Thread

I'm going to the Bill Maher Show tonight to watch and have a little fun. I'll be in the audience, but no live blogging.

Pow-Wow At Camp David This Weekend

Pow-Wow at Camp David This Weekend Jeralyn: I suspect they will be discussing replacements for those who about to be indicted, and/or those who have

Breaking: A Message From Bill Keller

Breaking: A Message from Bill Keller Check out this memo from Bill Keller at The NY Times to his staff in it's entirety that I have verified from thr