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Santorum The Weather Man

via Carpetbagger Report Sen. Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum has been stranger than usual lately. He exploited the Terri Schiavo controversy to

Bush And Corn

In Honor of Earth Day, Our Fearless leader talks about corn. [media id=13062]-WMP Direland has more: Jimmy Kimmel, in the opening monologue for his

Approximately Perfect

The truest thing Kristof has ever said Mr. Bush, Take a Look at MTV: Mr. Bush hasn't even taken a position on the Darfur Accountability Act and ot

I Agree With Karl Rove

I agree with Karl Rove The Next Left Whoa. This is kind of scary. At a forum on the press at a college in Maryland, Karl Rove said of the press, &quo

Ted Nugent

And By The Way . . . The Peach If you want to get a better sense of who Tom DeLay is strumming up support from, one only need look at who spoke at th

This Is Sick

Lawmakers nationwide are targeting a website that allows computer users to fire at game roaming a Texas ranch... A rifle, video camera and computer ar

The "Write Your

Has been a lot of fun so far. If you come across a cool shot, email it over. Roxanne from Rox Populi has been the guest blogger helping with the spot