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No Escape from The Super Dome Check out my latest piece on The Huffington Post. (Update): They put in the hyperlinks. Thank God there's some relief fo

New Orleans Left to the Dead and Dying Check out this article for the AP.: ...No one knows how many were killed by Hurricane Katrina's floods and how

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Anderson Cooper With Trent Lott

Cooper has been on a roll taking politicians to task over the fiasco of mis-management that has allowed Katrina to be much worse than it should have.

Sorry The Servers Are Maxed

I have five of them pumping so please be patient if it takes a little longer than normal to access a video. (Please no Bittorrent responses.)

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Blondesense hates shopping, but needs your help... Pastor Swank: more lunacy and John wants to kick his ass.. TMV reports that Jerry Lewis is using

NBC Censors Kanye West

The corporate big wigs didn't take too kindly to West's tirade against President Bush earlier today on the Concert for Hurricane Relief, so they edite

Horror Show

Shepard Smith and Geraldo Rivera were livid about the situation in NOLA as they appeared on H&C. When Hannity tried his usual spin job and said "l

Breaking News: Kanye West:

George Bush doesn't care about black people" During the Concert for Hurricane Relief, Kanye West and Mike Meyers were celebrity narrators during th