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Party Over Country, Over Self, Over Everything That's Holy Fact-esque Who's the most pathetic example of the most tragic and despicable Republican o

Ways to blog like a conservative . . .Hey Jenny Slater . . . the easiest, of course, being to make a completely moronic,asinine excuse for a complete

Broken Ethics Process Dump Mike An example of the broken ethics investigation process in Congress: Watchdogs lack bite, to benefit of both parties.

Contest: Blog Your Campus OperationYellow Elephant: "Many of you may be familiar with the Freeway Blogger's brilliant work. We'd like to see somethin

Cindy Sheehan On Real Time

Bill Maher interviewed Cindy tonight on Real Time. She was supposed to be on last week, but had to cancel because of her moms illness. [media id=13

More Coulter

My story from today (originated with Ed Cone on 8/23) is the lead on the Huffington Post which is good news because more people will see her call NY

Wesley Clark Offers A Plan

Armando is sold. "But I must admit General Wesley Clark has presented a political strategy that relies heavily on policy recommendations that really h

Hugo Chavez

Here's an article from the Guardian called Two fingers to America (hat tip to MTA): "He's a friend of Fidel Castro, a fierce critic of the war in Ira

Wonkette Figures Out Hitchens

Wonkette : The thing about Christopher Hitchens is that no matter how wrong or drunk he is, he always sounds like he's making sense. It's an impenet

USA NEXT: 500,000 Penalty

The slime merchants at USA NEXT have been slapped down by a conservative court because they lied to seniors. Their swift boating of AARP hopefully wil

C&L Interviews Larry Johnson

I had the chance to interview Larry Johnson (former CIA and CNN's Dead Wrong)) yesterday and we talked about his latest article in No Quarter called

Bush Talking Points 101

Jon Stewart gives us a lesson in how to construct the perfect talking point. Write this down and keep it handy at all times. [media id=13581]-WMP

STFU Isn't A Good Stratedgy

An overwhelming number of people say critics of the Iraq war should be free to voice their objections — a rare example of widespread agreement ab