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Novak compares filibusters to Nazi death camps I found this comment on Kos, by Box 13. (I hadn't had a chance to view the show yet) "On The Captita

The American Street

Kevin was nice enough to ask me to join the AS gang. Monday's will be my day, but I figured I'd give it a whirl today. Here's my first little tidbit

It's Good To See....

That echidne and pals are into mummy blogging. I have it tivo'd for tonight. I usually watch these shows just because the names are so whacky. Who

Real Time Highlights

Bill Maher: Dirty Election, Gay GOP, UK Memo, Iraq, 5/11 & more... [media id=13164]-WMV It's a pretty big file. (Hat tip David)

Dating The Christian Way

Jesse has his thoughts called: How to date in One Easy Step While Sadly, No! digs a little deeper into the text:...Sadly, No!" Licks the Plate!