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Pat Buchanan " Newsweek "Seditious"

On "The McLaughlin Group," Pat Buchanan stated that Newsweek should be tried for sedition for its Periscope article on Koran abuse. He also responded

Howard Dean On Meet The Press

I thought Howard Dean did well today with Tim Russert. As the show went on he got better. [media id=13139]-WMP [media id=13140]-QT Especially

Norm Coleman For President???

via Wanninski: ...Senator Coleman seems to think that as long as the stuff he is getting from the neo-cons is winning him the plaudits of the Wall

Wingnut Saturday Night

Jan LaRue, of CWA has as idiotic a response as I've ever heard in answering the question:"Why is there no mention of God in the Constitution." [med

Molly Ivins On NOW

Molly appeared on PBS's NOW, Friday night and talked about the filibuster and Judge Owens. [media id=13142]-WMP She described the republican "victi

Saturday Fun With Deadwood

via essays & effluvia: The Deadwood F-Bomb Counter HBO's show Deadwood, known for its salty language, has spawned a unique web following: The ru

Where Is Cheney On The Filibuster?

via Obsidian Wings: Good Question. One of the likely scenarios for the nuclear option involves Vice President Cheney, in his capacity as President of

Ghost Air's Visit To Stockholm

via Talk Left: "Ghost Air," the CIA Gulfstream that flew detainees around the world for interrogation, on occasion went to Sweeden. The Washington Pos