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Bush And J-Mac

Bush congratulated the basketball player with autistism-Jason McElwain (J-Mac) after his big game a few weeks ago. [media id=14963]-WMP [media id=1

Bush At 34%

CBS has the results. mcjoan has more... "President Bush, beginning a series of speeches to shore up support for the war in Iraq, faces a public that

Sopranos: New Season

It's back. Tony Soprano and the gang. Here's the link to the main website. You can check out all the extras if you're a fan like me. How did you like

Ken Mehlman Hearts Joe Lieberman

Talking with Chris Matthews down in Memphis on Friday-Ken Mehlman became the latest mouth piece for the administration to praise Lieberman. If you ca

Mike's Blog Round Up

skippy the bush kangaroo: Not that "wartime president" horse exhaust...again? Vox Verax: Helen Thomas on lap dogs of the press Booman Tribune: With

Reporters Under Siege

It's started... "In an unusual and little-known case, the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office has seized four computer hard drives from a Lancaste

Slow Joe On Emergency Contraceptives

Please change parties! He just won the first "Bill Napoli" award. "Lieberman said he believes hospitals that refuse to give contraceptives to rape v

Falwell's Correction

AmericaBlog: "Earlier today, reports began circulating across the globe that I have recently stated that Jews can go to heaven without being converte

Russ Feingold's Censure Resolution

Russ asks the body to censure Bush over his warrantless wiretapping. [media id=14969]-WMP [media id=14970]-QT later (about 3 min-Lynne-David Edward

Feingold With Soledad

Russ appeared on CNN this morning and had a little chat with Soledad O'Brien about his censure proposal. [media id=14971]-WMP [media id=14972]-QT (