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Clip O' Humor

Clip O' Humorby James WolcottThe strangest thing in the broadcast happened when the show was over. The panelists stood, Sullivan's back to the camera,

Purple USA

Wonkette had us laughing today!God, our country looks gay.

Tim Russert Sucks Up To Karl Rove

Could Tim Russert suck up to Karl Rove anymore than he did on MTP Sunday? He sure hit him with an actual population map of the USA. That was really na

Bill Maher New Rules

Bill Maher with his final "New Rules!"Many people have emailed, asking us to show a lot of Maher this week because it was the season finale. Video

Assault To Retake Fallujah Begins

Assault to retake Fallujah begins U.S. military says airstrikes will continueMSNBC staff and news service reportsUpdated: 10:28 p.m. ET Nov. 7, 2004U.