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Does Bush Ever Work?

President George W. Bush was notified at his Crawford, Texas ranch that a U.S.-bound Virgin Atlantic flight had been diverted over the ocean after aut

Billmon Ponts Out..,

There are deep throats out there already. Sore Throat The Rude Pundit: All the President's Gates

Randall Terry Letter

Randall Terry Founder of Operation Rescue Dear Mr.Terry, I'm so delighted about your new endeavor on the ever-popular Salem Radio Network. They have

Wingnut Friday

An ode to Jack Burkman, wingnut extraordinaire. [media id=13353]-WMP We'll try to pick out something old and post it once in a while. Maybe a new

Why Is It A Surprise??

Why is it a surprise?? via The Left Coaster : "Kevin Drum has expressed puzzlement at why liberals on TV almost always appear overmatched by their co

Donation Drive Day III

Thanks to everyone. :-) If you care to make a donation to the site click here for Pay Pal. You can also find "Donation" buttons located on the site a

Friday Morning Reads

Newsie8200 from Daily Kos has a new blog: Penndit: TMV has a great article about another insane Peggy Noonan column and Deep Throat. Jesus General has

The Sunshine Boys

The Daily Show's the latest update in Iraq from our fearless leaders via Jon Stewart. [media id=13354]-WMP QT coming. Starring of course the usual