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Jim West On The Today Show.

On the Today show, West says that he is a vocal opponent of gay rights as a former state senator and as mayor, defended his voting record claiming t

President Bush

I know Bush said he'll veto the stem cell research bill, but I haven't seen it all yet. Anything clip worthy?

Dick Cheney On Larry King

Cheney said that allegations of mistreatment at Guantanamo Bay are false. [media id=13100]-WMP [media id=13101]-QT CHENEY:...And what we're doing d

Why Is The Church Mum On This Issue?

...Some Catholic theologians are encouraging married couples to adopt unwanted embryos from fertility clinics. Others vehemently oppose the idea, call

This Is Just Great

The U.S. military nearly set off a sectarian crisis Monday by mistakenly arresting the leader of Iraq's top Sunni Muslim political party, while two su

New Post On The American Street

Check out my latest over at TAS: "If Peggy Noonan were on our Side!" or When Doves fly and why Air America scares the bejesus out of the Republicans

Reasons To Be A Republican

Rain Storm Jeff Gillenkirk, writing in the San Francisco Chronicle (screw the Paper of Record -- The Chronicle is the Paper of Choice as far as I'm co


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Ignoreland Shorter John Tierney:  "If you ignore all the unneccessary death and destruction, you'll see we actually liv


via Politics in the Zeros: Employers of illegal immigrants face little risk of penalty Owners of hotels, farms, restaurants and retail stores who h

My Country, Right Or Wrong

Andrew Tobias Frank: “After listening to this audio clip, I feel so sad for our country’s morality and my children’s future. Our cou

The Matthews Meter

Hardball 5/25 topic: Stem Cell research bill MATTHEWS: Well, I'm wincing because-we also want to get to the politics. I mean, the people who have Alz