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Memorial Day Reads So Far

The Moderate Voice has a really nice French roundup with voices from both sides. Avedon has a great roundup of boy-girl bloggers she likes. Moveleft

Breaking Story

: Palm Beach Doctor Arrested on Terrorism Charge via Talk Left: A 50 year old physician from Palm Beach has been arrested at his home on a federal c

Riverbend Rips Tomas Friedman

Shia Leaders... Someone (thank you N.C.) emailed me Thomas L. Friedman's article in the New York Times 10 days ago about Quran desecration titled "O


A POLITICAL REVOLT IN FRANCE Direland has an analysis: The massive defeat of the new European Constitution by the French in today's referendum means


Repubs to the Troops: We Don't Have to... : The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is airing radio commercials in about a dozen House Distric

Silence Of The Shepards

From ex AF officer, ex-reporter, Mike Graham responds to the Dominionism article C&L posted: We need to acknowledge what we're up against. Fundam

The Return Of Brooks?

I put a question mark on Ezra's title for his post: The Return of Brooks "David Brooks's column today is the best I've seen him write since signing o

Soldiers Of Christ

Inside America's most powerful megachurch The story they found in Colorado is about newness: new houses, new roads, new stores. And about oldness, ima


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