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Think Progress Has The Video

as Cornyn justifies Violence Against Judges. How does anybody try to defend murderers of judges? I'm trying to find his Psychology degree. Oh wait..I

SF Tries To Restrict Bloggers

via Kos: It's not just the FEC bloggers need to worry about. Local governments will likely try to get into the act, as this ridiculous San Francisco e

Tucker Carlson And The Pope

In a preview of the concise, expert, and thoughtful commentary Tucker Carlson will bring to MSNBC. Tucker had this to say about the Pope. Carlson:

Sen. Cornyn Crosses The Line!

via AmericaBlog: SENATOR JOHN CORNYN: "I don't know if there is a cause-and-effect connection but we have seen some recent episodes of courthouse vio

Father Lyons And I

When I was twelve, I made my Confirmation. I'm not going into the whole process, but part of it was that I had to first make my Confession. About thir

John Paul And Tom Friedman

via Body and Soul I had planned yesterday to write more about the papacy of John Paul II, but unfortunately whenever I think I should write about so

Bill O'Reilly Flip Flops

New Podcast of The Politnix song "[media id=13089]" Recently, Bill O’Reilly has heaped praise on Pope John Paul II. Here is O’Reilly on the

Pay Your Bills George

MEDFORD -- It's a distant memory for most of the country, but President Bush's campaign swing through Southern Oregon is fresh for hotel owners still

DeLong Is Right

The Post on Wolfowitz Lawyers, Guns and Money I've been trying to break my lifelong habit of reading far too much of the New York Times, which causes


That's encouraging Chalk up another one for faith-based governance. Prewar claims by the United States that Iraq was producing biological weapons we