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Dukes Of Hazzard

Steven Colbert produces a great piece on “The Dukes of Hazzard” for the Daily Show. (hat tip AL Rodgers) [media id=13671]-WMP Colbert's in

Why Robert Novak Stormed Off The Set

Jay Rosen has a great take on Novak. He clearly highlights the 6/29 Ed Henry segment on "Inside Politics" which I felt was an important piece of infor


DESTROYING THE WORLD FOR YOUR OWN GOOD — AUGUST 6, 1945 Just go read Arthur's new piece. Update-Then read this one about an Iraqi war verteran

Exclusive: TIME: Man Of The Year

Time Magazine jumped on the Novak bandwagon and named Bob to this prestigious spot. (Ok, I can't use photoshop) The Moderate Voice has a nice look

Roberts And Romer

Lawyers, Guns and Money Shakespeare's Sister reacts with a limited degree of optimism about the news that Roberts worked hard for his clients' inter

Third Prosecutor Quits Gitmo!

Third Prosecutor Quits Gitmo! 12th harmonic Blog Rachel Maddow was praising the Australian press for being the only ones to report this. From Rache


The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy It's stuff like this that makes us so damn glad to be Democrats. Vanity Fair's September edition, now out i


Larry Johnson: After watching the stupidity and arrogance of Ann Coulter on the O'Reilly Factor (thanks to Crooks and Liars), it seems to me we ought

Funny Novak Video

Fletch remixed Novak's meltdown to The Clash's song "Should I stay or should I go?" [media id=13673]-WMP

When Conservatives Collide

O'Reilly vs Coulter Ann and Bill squared off last night over the Iraq war. [media id=13674]-WMP [media id=13675]-QT Ann calls the bad new from

The Corner just Loves Novak

Just how whacky is the Corner? Attaturk has the answers. Kathryn Jean Lopez: Novak didn't walk off the set because of the Plame stuff. He walked off