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Fair And Balanced?

We've been watching Fox News tonight to see how some of their "fair and balanced" analysts would respond to the fact that John Kerry won their own pol

Report On Site Performance

Sorry for the lower quality of video lately. With all the downloads we are getting, it's putting a strain on our servers. We are working on the bandwi

FOX News At It Again!

FOX News at it again!Angry over on-air remark, adviser threatens a banBy Patrick Healy, Globe Staff | October 31, 2004DES MOINES -- John Sasso, a seni

Fahrenheit 9/11 To Air On Internet

Fahrenheit’ to air on Internet MondayLOS ANGELES - Audiences will get another opportunity to view Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11&#148

Fear And Loathing In West Palm Beach

FEAR AND LOATHING IN WEST PALM BEACH-part IPolice are in riot gears. Protestors are being restrained. Lines are stetched for hours.Mark tells us that

Listen To The Politnix

Listen to The Politnix: Kick out the Republicans as played on the Randi Rhodes Show!To make a donation to the Crooks and Liars website please go to To

Video Clip Special

Video Clip Special: Tom Brokaw interviews President Bush.The President won't answer his questions, then gets pissed at Brokaw for asking him about a D

More On Tora Bora

More On Tora Bora From Knight-Ridder:Knight Ridder reporters Barry Schlachter of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Jonathan S. Landay and photographers