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via Suburban Guerrilla: Whatever happened to the wingnuts’ “responsibility” meme? I guess responsibility is only for those people poor

Saturday Fun

[media id=13478]-MP3-George Bush Bike Riding PSA [media id=13479]-Dean Challenges Bush [media id=13480]-David Brooks breaks down [media id=13481]-S

Pro-choice And Pregnant

Alas (a blog) responds to a comment about her being pregnant: Oh, and congratulations on the baby. I’m glad you’ve decided not to kill it...

Criminal Vs. Civil Contempt

via Jeralyn: The Washington Post reports today that Judith Miller may be charged with criminal contempt which would lengthen her jail stay. This has b

Some More

Chinese general warns of nuclear risk to US: A senior Chinese general has warned that his country could destroy hundreds of American cities with nucle

The General And Harry Potter

Last night, the General stood in line at his local purveyor of heretical literature to buy the latest Harry Potter book. I thought I should read that

The Rove Factor

CNN produced this segment on Karl Rove, during the RNC in 2004. John King asks him about the Plame investigation. Rove: I didn't know her name and di

What A Guy!

via Polizeros: Schwarzenegger severs ties with magazines, keeps money

C&L Gets Under LGF's Skin

Only the extreme righty Bush-loving site would take a Friday Night Fun video and turn it into, well...mykeru takes a look at Johnson's post: Lefty a

Editor's Notes & Rants

Thomas McC. I think the most interesting thing about TurdGate, based on the last three White House press briefings, is that the press no longer fears

Santorum Apology Demanded

The Massachusetts congressional delegation Friday sent a letter to a Pennsylvania senator demanding an apology for what they called his "outrageous, e