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Tbogg has the latest from Malkin on Hagel.

LA Times Reports On Valerie Plame

While most of the MSM has grown silent on the outing of Valerie for the time being, the LA Times has an in depth piece on the entire affair so far. Ho

What's Up With TIME?

This article explains their fascination with Coulter. John at AmericaBlog has the details.

Pat Robertson On TDS

Pat's remarks were bad enough, but what did the pundits have to say? [media id=13591]-WMP What's up with Paula Zahn anyway?

Bombs Ahoy Iran

Is Dick Cheney getting ready to pull the trigger on a massive attack on Iran? That's what "The American Conservative" is implying. Doug Ireland has th

Guide To Wingnut Logic

The following rules are intended to help you make sense of the nonsensical--a discussion with or among wingnuts. click here

Why We Must Leave Iraq

Larry Johnson is far from being an anti-war advocate, but he is an intelligence expert and his opinions come from the many years of experience he has

Pro-Bush Rally: Empty

No wonder the shills at MAF are having their creepy caravan. Where's John Bolton when you need him? Check out NRO's other pictures. Why-oh-why are t

MAF: Republican Shills

Move America Forward ( the Hate crowd ) was outed today by Keith Olbermann as having been launched by a Sacramento P.R. firm which has strong ties to

Pat Robertson Is

This is a disturbed man. Didn't Jesus think more of the poor and the less fortunate of us? Pat's praying for Operation Supreme Court Freedom.” an

New Attacks In Iraq

Only it's with each other: Clashes erupted between rival Shiite groups across the Shiite-dominated south Wednesday, threatening Iraq with yet another