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Senator Schumer/Joe Wilson press conference (Hat Tip-David sent this video over) [media id=13491]-WMP Apparently Rush Limbaugh is losing it over R

De-Spinning The Save-Rove Spin

via David Corn : I do wish I could keep track of all the bad info being peddled by Karl's Keystone Kops. But then I'd probably end up needing a nice r

Net "Outing"

Mykeru has some interesting encounters with Steve Crager here.


NBC Today: Joe Wilson says Rove "should be fired" Wilson went on the offensive this morning on the "Today Show" and asked that the President stick t

Jon Stewart Schools Bernard Goldberg

Bernie appeared trying to pimp his new book "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America." Stewart easily pointed out the meaninglessness of it ( of cour


HBO's Six Feet Under: Bush re-elected because evil in world "...there's a reason Bush was re-elected. Shit goes wrong because there is evil in the w

June's Downloads

C&L had almost 8000 gigs downloaded in the month of June. Frankly...that's pretty amazing. The donation drive came at the right time. As most of y

Oliver Willis & Brad Blog

Has a podcast called The America Show. He's got his own talkfest going on. Brad Blog has the latest on Joseph Wilson: The President should fire Rove'

The World According To Bill O'Reilly

The O'Reilly Factor 7/12/05 on Karl Rove and the Plame leak: “Isn't it interesting how the great liberal tradition of "innocent until proven gui