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Rove Gets The DS Treatment

You knew it was coming. A week off to unveil a new studio. [media id=13502]-WMP [media id=13503]-QT Our favorite characters are all there. Nov

Turd Blossom Express

Arianna tells it like it is: ( she liked my description of Timmy as well ) ...Here's the bottom line: let’s imagine for a moment that Fitzgerald

Boston's Response To Santorum

You've probably read by now that litle Rickie said ''When the culture is sick, every element in it becomes infected. While it is no excuse for this sc

Ken Mehlman On Wolf

Check it out. He hits all the GOP talking points. [media id=13504]-WMP only Think Progress has more from Luskin: "Blame Matt Cooper: Byron York ju

John Gibson: Rove Deserves A Medal

via Oliver Wilis: FOX News anchor John Gibson just said on air that he thought Karl Rove deserves a medal if he outed Valerie Plame in his "My Word" s

GOP Talking Points On Rove:

seek to discredit Wilson Raw Story has obtained a copy of this must see memo. That has been the message I've been seeing from conservatives the las

Why Is Frist Not Backing Rove?

I was watching CNN and saw ED Henry say that Frist wasn't defending Rove. Usually the company line would be that the Democrats are politicizing the is

Quote Of The Day

Arlen Specter 7/12/05 ...The interest groups did not defeat Judge Bork. It just didn't happen. It was his judicial philosophy, so to that extent we c


via Andrew Sullivan and an emailer: People need to stop hiding behind Clintonian semantics here and understand that even if no actual technical violat


Kerry and Clinton say "Fire Rove" at Press Conf. Kerry makes an excellent statement about how Rove's leak relates to national security. ( David) [m