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Sunday Morning Talk

Let me know what's clip worthy. Arianna has her Russert Watch back up. David Gregory is filling in so she has a few questions to be asked. What are

Dust In The Wind

Sunni Arabs complained Saturday they were being sidelined in talks on the new constitution only two days before the deadline and warned that their com

Galloway Vs Hitchins Debate

Democracy Now: Internationally acclaimed journalist Amy Goodman, host of the national daily, radio/TV program Democracy Now!, is on a national tour to

Roberts And Hamdan

Arthur Silber: ...I wrote about the looming significance of the Hamdan decision—and of John Roberts’ role in that decision—several week

Fred Phelps Attacks Cindy Sheehan

Westboro Baptist Church is part of the extreme religious right. Sorry Circus Clowns, he's one of your own. Deal with it. DC Media Girl has this Phel

Kellyanne Conway: Wanker

Saturday Blooper Conway: "We have 8 1/2 illegal aliens in the country today" (hat tip Brian for the video) [media id=13614]-WMP [media id=1361


Kevin Drum: "One of the key allegations made by Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer in the Able Danger affair is that even though he specifically told the 9/11 Comm

Cindy Sheehan On Kos

Hypocrites and Liars: The media are wrong. The people who have come out to Camp Casey to help coordinate the press and events with me are not putting

Contest Part II-

Ken Mehlman: Talking Point Action Figure I'm looking for someone to photoshop an image of the "Ken Mehlman: Talking Point Action Figure" If it's goo

Paul Hackett With Bill Maher

Cindy Sheehan was supposed to be on but couldn't show up because of her mom's condition. Paul filled in. [media id=13616]-WMP [media id=13617]-QT