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James Wolcott

"Roger L. Simon I don't consider a liberal hawk. Because he isn't. He isn't much of a liberal of any kind. Instead, he typifies a subset of bloggers w


DARWIN, Australia A U.S. Marine Corps fighter jet dropped a bomb and damaged a building in an accident at a remote military range in northern Austral

Cindy Sheehan Ad

This will be running on a cable station in Crawford as far as I know. [media id=13643]-QT

Schmidt Vs Blogs

Ohio 2nd: Interesting item in tomorrow’s Whistleblower: "When “Mean Jean” Schmidt gets to Washington, what will her first piece of l

Creationism Express Friday

John points us to two stories today, one regarding the "Circus Clown" Utah State Senator Chris Buttars. The other from Professor Gerald Coyne in TNR w

Presidential Psych 101

Arthur Silber: "More generally, this is the psychology of a badly damaged adolescent, one who believes that admitting even a single mistake reveals th

Bob Kerrey: Blast From The Past

After this new information came out that the 9/11 commission report "... knew military intelligence officials had identified lead hijacker Mohamed Att

Stop Dem Cloning Now! I've discovered the real plot behind Stem Cell research. Jesus General has a new letter of support for Sen. Brownback. A new

Lying florida blues I saw an article in The Gainesville Sun this morning about nonverbal indicators of lying and deception. An excerpt: According to

Oh. My. God. Shakespeare's Sister I am actually speechless. Pentagon announcess September 11 concert The Pentagon would hold a massive march and cou

Everything I need to know I learned in the Sunday Comics Recovering Liberal Every once in a while, I open the paper to the letters to the editor sect