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Just Wondering…....

The Snarky Cat What exactly is “not direct lobbying?” Joe Allbaugh, the Oklahoman known for his flat-top haircut and loyalty to Presiden


Blog of a Bookslut The foreword for Garry Trudeau's upcoming Doonesbury book will be written by Sen. John McCain.

Jeff Gannon: Fake Marine

UnFairWitness "I enlisted in the military more as a challenge to myself than anything, but got so much more than I ever expected. I learned the impo

Today's Top Three Reasons Why...

Americans Are Dumb They elected -- and re-elected -- a president who isn't big on science (from The Guardian) A congresswoman compared stem cell resea

Culture Of Strife

Jon Stewart once again calls out what is known as 24/7 cable TV news. His feud is well known and well deserved. The absurdity of the last few days by

By The Way....

There are more angry people at President Bush: Native Americans Criticize Bush's Silence MINNEAPOLIS, March 24 -- Native Americans across the country

Randall Terry Vs Jeb Bush

Randall Terry vs Jeb Bush Randall Terry levied some harsh threats against conservatives and Jeb Bush today via Anderson Cooper 360 [media id=

Chris Shays On Hardball

Appearing on Hardball today, Rep. Shays has been an outspoken republican on this issue of gov't involvement. [media id=12966]-QT [media id=12967

They Said It Better

via Obsidian Wings: John Cole: When Terri Schiavo is finally allowed to slip past her cruel fate and move on to a better place, she will not be the