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Welcome To The Torture Game!

British channel C4 is spare the time because "I'm 35 years old, my family couldn't afford the lost income, I have a baby daughter, my a** is, er, sorr

You Know What's Really Sad...

about Juan Cole's complete intellectual destruction of Jonah Goldberg? That Goldberg won't really care, and that it will make no difference at all. E

Ann Coulter On Ward Churchill

You knew it had to happen. function vid_placeholder(placeholder_target, vid_link) { placeholder_target.innerHTML = ''; } Click here for WMP (please

The Lock-Step Pundits

Kurtz brief history on where these" pundits" come from and other partisan hackery: here The commentariat is increasingly populated by political refu

Juan Does A A Number On Jonah Again

Via Atrios: Poor Jonah Humiliated again (read the whole post) Goldberg seems to like embarrassing himself, so he won't let go. I like this part t

The Social Security Challenge:

I here by throw the gauntlet down and ask any right wing blogger to make sense of this: via Digby and the White House Bush: Because the -- all which

Video Clip Of Humor

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Let's Hope

Let's hope Elliot Abrams invites David Kay for a chat. via War and Piece ... Nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran would be a grave danger to

Insurgents Kill At Least 30 In Iraq

By MARIAM FAM, Associated Press Writer BAGHDAD, Iraq - Insurgents struck at Iraqi police with a suicide bomb, a car bomb and mortars in the cities of

GoDaddy Banned Ad

< This ad was banned by Fox and the NFL read here "After our first ad was aired, the NFL became upset and they, together with Fox, decided to pul