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Cheney Gets A Demotion

Cheney Gets a Demotion Wonkette has the goods and Jesus General writes: Our Leader is our shepherd Dear Bushfish Company, The unchurched tr

Our Government In A Nutshell

The birthday man Ezra Klein, who I and Jesse Taylor had the pleasure of spending a little time with last night, wrote this brilliant article today:

Dirk Diggler To The UN?

James Wolcott talks about NYC, Plato's retreat and John Bolton. While The Raw Story says Larry Flynt has the goods on Bolton. As I always say, you c

Roger L. Simon: UN-Balanced Blogging

via UN Dispatch: 20% of Roger L. Simon's blog entries during the month of April make reference to the Oil-for-Food controversy. 0% of Roger L. Simon's

Why Would The Stones Tour Again?

I've been reading many articles saying that the Stones are too old, they should pack it in, look how ugly they are, they have enough money, Rock and R

CNN's Shake-Up

Wolf Blitzer will host a new show starting in the summer. Its a three-hour, late-afternoon affair that will replace "Crossfire" and "Inside Politics"

Iraq Insurgents Go On Rampage

Four car bombs and a man with explosives strapped to his body killed at least 61 people and wounded more than 100 in three Iraqi cities Wednesday as h

The Daily Show And Blogs

Jon Stewart had a good time poking a bit of fun with the blog reports that 24/7 has been using. [media id=13173]-WMP [media id=13174]-QT Abbi T

Ann Coulter's Legs

Ann has been complaining that the TIME magazine cover makes her legs look distorted, but to me I think its pretty accurate. Courtesy of the Tonight Sh

Getting A Lift To Visit...

...with Ezra Klein and Jesse Taylor for: Blog Night at the Bar For LA readers, Jesse and I will be hanging at Maloney's in Westwood tonight, startin