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Cindy Sheehan:Anti-war Catalyst

Pat Buchanan has an article up in WorldnutDaily. He's been against the war all along and as much as I loath him in so many ways it's worth a read. I w

Say It Ain't So Joe

Two local businessmen active in Republican Party politics say the GOP is courting cable TV host Joe Scarborough to replace U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris

Bush's $2 Million Barbecue

soundbitten Remember that "regular guy" poll from last year that found that "voters would rather flip burgers and drink beer at a backyard barbecue w

Who Said Hawks Don't Flock? John Bolton Visits Jailed Judy Miller The Washington Note This just in from Arianna Huffington. John Bolton, who doesn't

Shields: Moral Logic of Common Sacrifice Rear Window Ethics Mark Shields wrote a very interesting piece last week on the vast socioeconomic chasm tha

How Many Lies Are Too Many?

...the case for impeachment Recovering Liberal Don't you just love it, the Bush's administrations most famous WAR and TERRORISM whoppers, all togethe

WHAT ABLE DANGER DISCOVERED Kevin Drum: If he's telling the truth, then the Pentagon pretty clearly withheld relevant information from the 9/11 Commi

Who Is This Woman?

As I watched her last night on Hardball, I found it an odd spot. I've been emailed all day about her because of this Daily Kos diary. When I get that

Rush Limbaugh- Nuff' Said

"Kick 'Em Out" Digby: "I hear liberals say in frustration that they'd like to leave the country or that they'd like to secede, things like that. But

Judging the Bush gang by the company it keeps The Carpet Bagger Report: I heard from a friend of mine on the Hill that Claude Allen, a White House dom

Cindy Sheehan

Cindy came on to address Larry Northern, the man arrested for mowing down 500 memorial crosses near the encampment outside Bush's ranch in Crawford, T