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Freedom And Liberty Bush Counter

Click here to download or play WMP Here is the text for the entire speech. Tom Shales from the Wapo gives us his thoughts. ALESSANDRA STANLEY f

More On Armstrong Williams

via Atrios Go have a bit of fun seeing people smack Tim Graham around over his ridiculous complaining about the media coverage of the Armstrong Will

Bush Even Freaked Peggy Noonan

function vid_placeholder(placeholder_target, vid_link) { placeholder_target.innerHTML = ''; } Click here to download or open WMP Peggy Noonan, for

Protest Picture!

This was on NBC. I wonder if Fox showed any of the demonstrators? I'm sure they did. Was Carl Cameron the commentator? Oh, that's right. He got a p

Inauguration Tips

Please email us at, or use the comments section with any tips from today's proceeding worth posting in video. We are sick an

Ten Years Later.

A chilling story by Richard A. Clarke on "Then the second wave of al-Qaeda attacks hit America" that appears in the Atlantic Monthly

Air America Is Heating Up

via Talk Left If you're as turned off by the Inauguration as we are, there is relief at Air America Radio. You can listen on the Internet it doesn't b

Allan Colmes Gets Tough?

Click here to download or view WMV Allan Colmes who has been criticized often by liberals for being too soft when matched up against Sean Hannit


How much more farcical can this get? Not only do the Iraqi people not know who exactly is running for office, they don't even know where they're suppo


Private-accounts-meister Newt Gingrich bagging on the crisis claim? "The combination of higher birth rates and more immigration makes the United State

Armitage's Lament

via The Road to Surfdom via Atrios IF someone important like Andrew Sullivan had said this, it would no doubt be all over the blogosphere, with peopl