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Iraq's Weekend

Juan Cole has the updates Monday: 4 Carbombings Kill 23, Wound at Least 80 2 US Troops Killed Sunday: Guerrillas Kill 16 in Iraq Saturday: 11 Kill

Huckster Sunday

via Digby: James Dobson is quoting Thomas Jefferson right now, a man who would never stop PUKING if he knew what these religions extremists were t

Dobson's Mob: Move Over Sponge Bob

via The Carpetbagger Report: Over the weekend, Dobson’s supporters decided to respond to Salazar’s criticisms — by going after his wif

Peggy Noonan

asks the question. Why did they do it? ...and Elian has the answer for Peggy: Elian Gonzales, Now 11, is Thankful to be Back in Cuba

James Dobson At Justice Sunday

Of course he attacks the court system. Dobson: The values that we care about are threatened by the court system. Does Frist think the same way?

William Donohue At Justice Sunday

Let the Wingnuttery begin! [media id=13053]-QT Let's see if this is what the MSM will attach to Bill Frist. I doubt it. Will they even notice his a

Frist's Speech To In-Justice Sunday

Frist's video available here Thanks to Mr. All Spin Zone for the link. A simpleton speaking “simpleton” to simpletons. The gauntlet has b

Justice Sunday Open Thread

Anyone watching and care to comment. I'll try to have video up from it. I can't record it myself. Daystar and World Harvest Television will have it.

Are The Democrats Giving In?

On This Week, Joe Biden had this to say: STEPHANOPOULOS: Senator Biden, we only have a few seconds left. Let me just ask you a quick question. Dav