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Moral logic of common sacrifice Mark Shields : " That those who called most loudly for this war are not standing in line to volunteer at the recruitin

Astronomers Weigh In Chris C Mooney Carl Zimmer noted late last week that the president of the American Astronomical Society has sent President Bush

Holding America To Her Principles

As we continue to explore the basis underlying our original essay, 'Ten Characteristics of A True US Patriot', it is imperative that we understand

Call Me When He Turns Into A Bat

Ezra Klein You gotta feel bad for Bob Novak. It's no easy transition to start the day a hack and end the week a criminal. That Novakula reacted to Ca

Bill O'Reilly

Lowers the Bar Again I was watching this segment come up tonight and I thought that Bill had brought on a mom named Dolores Kesterson who had lost he

The Eggman

Drudge uses an eight year old picture to promote himself. lol

Convoy For Truth-Truckers For Cindy

Bill Press's Radio Show has started a new campaign: "We are having our truck driving listeners, who are REALLY out there, honk their horns at noon eve


Arthur Silber has his say in this excellent piece.: "Cindy Sheehan’s son died in a war which even its most ardent supporters now admit was &#1