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Is David Brooks On Acid?

read The Bushies new Groove "The Bush administration has started its second act, and it is striking how different this one feels." He started off t

Canadian Clobbers Coulter

How to Talk to a Fool (If You Really Must) Last night, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's excellent investigative news program, "the Fifth Esta

Our Un-Liberal Media

function vid_placeholder(placeholder_target, vid_link) { placeholder_target.innerHTML = ''; } Click here also to download or WMP Here is a questio

HHS Says It Paid Columnist For Help

By Jim Drinkard and Mark Memmott, USA TODAY The Department of Health and Human Services acknowledged Thursday that it paid a syndicated columnist at

Boss Tweed Is Not Happy!

Third columnist caught with hand in the Bush till By Eric Boehlert One day after President Bush ordered his Cabinet secretaries to stop hiring comm

The Mafia Mentality And Payola-Gate

Ok, here's how it works. I know I will eventually need a few special heavy hitters on my team. It's hard running a crew with the trade I'm in, so I'll

Thank You So Much

by Barbara Boxer I can't thank all of you enough -- the Daily Kos community, and the blogosphere as a whole -- for all of your effective work during