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Pataki's Maid

NY Post is reporting that: has secretly funded a personal servant for Gov. Pataki's wife, Libby, at the Pataki family mansion on the Hudson River, The

John Kerry On MTP

John Kerry talks about Social Security and Judge Scalia with Tim Russert Video

Judith Miller On Hardball

via Atrios The Queen of All Iraq Speaks II "We now are told, according to my sources, that the administration has been reaching out to Mr. Chalabi,

Message To Michele Malkin

Andrew Sullivan is not a left winger. Malkin.:With the exception of Sullivan, the top bloggers on the left side of the blogosphere have decided to m


Click here to download or view WMP via MediaBistro At least Geraldo doesn't pretend to be objective. Johnny Dollar has transcribed some of Rivera

Print Media

NY Times: Iraqi Voters Turn Out in High Numbers Despite Attacks Intended to Deter Them WaPo: Millions Turn Out for Historic Iraqi Vote LATimes: Iraq

Pretty Quiet In Mosul So Far

I've been trying to come up with pictures of polling stations from the tube, but so far I only found this on FOX. Let's hope the people that come wil

High Anxiety

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches Despite a continuing increase in the already draconian security measures imposed across Iraq, the bombs keep coming. T

Video Clip O' Humor

SNL and the Bush Twins function vid_placeholder(placeholder_target, vid_link) { placeholder_target.innerHTML = ''; } Click here to download or view