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Nothing Surprises Me Anymore.

Making Her Sadly, No! Debut: Linda Kimball via Sadly, No! I wasn't gonna blog again today, but I discovered this stunning column by Linda Kimball tha

It Seems That Sentor Cornyn...

...has stolen World O' Crap's very funny feature " Who Said It?" He calls his " Name That Speaker" Outside of being compassionate towards judge kill

Wild West Law Goes National

Wild West Law goes National via BlondeSense You know that insane law we are about to get here in Florida? The law that allows someone to shoot fi

Choke On That Cinnabon

Unfogged The only important question that remains in the case of David Brooks is whether he could be any dumber. Outdoing himself doesn't count. Th

Billions Of Dollars In Tax Breaks

Big Oil = $Billions----Amtrak = $0 The Peach The Peach can do nothing but shrivel its fuzzy forehead when it looks at Bush's spending plans for this n