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Funny Novak Video

Fletch remixed Novak's meltdown to The Clash's song "Should I stay or should I go?" [media id=13673]-WMP

When Conservatives Collide

O'Reilly vs Coulter Ann and Bill squared off last night over the Iraq war. [media id=13674]-WMP [media id=13675]-QT Ann calls the bad new from

The Corner just Loves Novak

Just how whacky is the Corner? Attaturk has the answers. Kathryn Jean Lopez: Novak didn't walk off the set because of the Plame stuff. He walked off

Novak And The Daily Show

You knew that Jon would have a few choice words and reactions over Novak's meltdown didn't you? [media id=13678]-WMP [media id=13679]-QT Jon:..e

Novak And Henry Round 1

A little bit of history. On June 29th. Robert Novak got a bit snippy with Ed Henry over Valerie Plame. Click here for the video Bob: " I can't answ

Modern Newt

Modern Newt Ezra Klein takes a little looksie at the new and improved Newt; which is the same as the vile, old Newt.

Arlen Specter slaps Novak

The Novak column falsely and maliciously accuses her of conflict of interest by orchestrating a hearing to grill Kenneth Tomlinson, chairman of the Bo

Novak Freaks On The Set!

As has been reported, Robert Novak stormed off the set of " Inside Politics" today during a session with James Carville while they were talking abou

I've Been Informed

flipped on "Inside Politics" today. A few minutes ago during a discussion on CNN(missed exactly what was being discussed) as James Carville was speaki