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Debate Prep The 2nd

his debate prediction: As for my pre-debate spin, which has the added benefit of being honest, is that what we're going to get from Bush is the ex

Is She A Crook Or A Liar,or....

The WaPo reports that Judith Miller could be going to jail: A federal judge held a reporter in contempt Thursday for refusing to divulge confidential

Conservative Blog Report

Right wing blogs like LGF, have used this report to prove President Bush was right on the war in Iraq. They say that the liberal media will spin the r

Bush Is Beginning To Sound Desperate

President can't control news from IraqANALYSISBy Howard FinemanMSNBC contributorUpdated: 4:50 p.m. ET Oct. 7, 2004ST. LOUIS - George Bush's real polit

If Only His Son Could Read.

In his memoirs, A World Transformed, written more than five years ago, George Bush, Sr. wrote the following to explain why he didn't go after Saddam H

C&L Had To Laugh At This Exchange:

Matt Lauer busts O'Reilly on his usage of the word "Shut Up!" Lauer asked O'Reilly on the Today Show to make a resolution and not say the word "shut u

Talking Points Memo

Up is Down, baby! AP Headline: "Cheney: Weapons Report Justifies Iraq War." So, it is only thanks Mr. Bush's decision to invade that we can now have

Video Clip Of The Day:

"Imus in the Morning", had a funny take on the Vice Presidential debate, saying " Cheney lied all night long." Click Here to view

Genuinely Worried

The Wrath of Khan I look forward to the day when we have people who are about nuclear proliferation in the White House (via Digby): GEORGE W. BUSH: Th

An Avalanche Of Lies

In Newsweek, Isikoff and Hosenball run down the litany of Vice President Cheney's misstatements, falsehoods and efforts to rewrite history from Tuesda